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I spent my early years in the sleepy state of Goa, India. I now reside in California, USA. Both states define the western coastlines of their respective countries and have pristine, white-sand beaches, swaying palms, towering mountain ranges, spectacular vistas, world-class resorts, action-packed cities and charming towns, round-the-ear sunshine, fabulous gastronomy, rich biodiversity, and only the world's finest people.

I attended Goa Engineering College, graduating with a degree in civil engineering in 1990. Thereafter, I joined the graduate program at San Jose State University, California, earning a master's degree in environmental engineering. I also have a certificate in Technical Writing and Communication from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

My passion for writing has led me for nearly twenty years now, to write for government and technology companies in Silicon Valley, where I live, and provide volunteer writer services for non-profit organizations throughout the world.

I have won many writing contests, including the United Nations award in 2003 for penning the winning essay on social equity and the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

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