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Inner Pilgrimage
Ten Days to a Mindful Me
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Wednesday 10/07/2015 01:30:45 CDT
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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19 Rishi Kumar

Friday 11/16/2012 01:48:13 CST
congratulations, hope to read many more suck books from you raji
18 Andrew Wheeler
Location: United Kingdom

Monday 07/16/2012 05:39:47 CDT
Hello from the UK.

I am thinking about doing a ten day Vipassana retreat, and found your wonderful website.

17 Buddhist Books
Location: UK

Thursday 03/08/2012 03:23:18 CST
Hi Raji, Many thanks for visiting the Buddhist Book Reviews site - we would certainly be interested in reviewing Inner Pilgrimage. Look forward to reading it!
16 Guixiang

Saturday 02/25/2012 17:30:13 CST
Raji, I started on your book at my desk after the lunch, and was drawn by your skillful writing right away. I wanted to drop all tasks at hand to continue on, but the annoying phone calls had to come in ... Congratulations on attaining and sharing your enlightening experience. I really admire you for the wisdom and courage to search beyond the seen and visible for a source of life and happiness.
15 Kiran
http://No Web
Location: Mumbai

Monday 12/05/2011 21:28:26 CST
Dear Rajiji,

I am so happy to hear that you attended 10 day vipassana course...keep it up...This is excellent technique to come out from our misery...and become happy person.2 hr meditation is most important.
14 Kelly Allen
Location: Florida

Thursday 11/17/2011 10:31:17 CST
Dear Raji,

What a marvelous platform. I have just ordered your book and eagerly await it's arrival. Enjoy the day -Kelly
13 Georgina Morales
Location: Montreal, Ca

Thursday 11/10/2011 18:26:58 CST

I'm here from Book Blogs, I really like your site, it's awesome! Congrats on your success. Thanks for stoping by my blog and following. Can't wait to get to know you better from your posts.

12 Mohan Sirsi
Location: Bangalore, India

Thursday 10/13/2011 09:38:45 CDT
I joined your “Inner Pilgrimage” journey from 6th Oct 2011 to 12th Oct 2011. The journey started off beautifully, with the first 15 pages bringing out all the thoughts, fears, doubts, resolves, which I feel would have been experienced by all first time entrants to such courses. The beginning of sessions which starts from the 16th page have been narrated in such a manner that made me feel that I was a part of the course. The grappling with the various forces which influence the mind, in built prejudices have all been brought out in a simple yet effective manner. Further, you have given a detailed account of how your thought process slowly underwent a change during the meditation period. Your inner thoughts have been presented as though you have a mirror which reflected whatever was happening with in you.

If the opening pages of the book are good, the actual course details are exceptionally well presented in the remaining part. The ending of the book, similar to a smooth landing without any bumps, made a deep impact with your straight forwardness, frank, open and practical approach.

On the whole, I enjoyed every moment of reading the book which revealed a different Raji than the one I had briefly met and heard a lot. Thanks for taking me through your “Inner Pilgrimage”.

Keep writing and we will keep reading.
11 Kit Baker
Location: Antioch CA USA

Sunday 09/25/2011 15:06:33 CDT
What a skillful use of words to express experiences with Vipassana meditation. So happy for you and your book, its reading will bring more people to know Vipassana and the freedom from stress that it brings. _ / :) \ _
10 Vastu Yogi dr.Ramesh Kamath
Location: Bangalore

Sunday 06/05/2011 11:44:44 CDT
God Bless You Raji Ji to bring out more Books on SPIRITUALISM.
9 Mamatha

Saturday 05/14/2011 09:19:05 CDT

Could have never imagined that one could make a book out of Vipaasana experience. Can't wait to read it - i have always been amazed by your personality and great language skills. Proud to be your friend.
8 Maninder
Location: Fairfieled CA

Monday 03/21/2011 21:38:40 CDT
Looking forward to the book!! I know you will do an amazing job as you do with everything you take on!!Proud to know you and be your friend!!
7 Diane Zarate
Location: San Jose, CA

Sunday 03/13/2011 22:42:33 CDT
You are as talented as ever. I read your excerpt and can't wait for the full book. Sincere congratulations on your journey...wonderful things are in store for well deserved!
6 Divya and Srikrishna Nagri
Location: Nashua, NH

Tuesday 03/08/2011 07:50:25 CST
Congratulations Raji! The excerpt is amazing and can't wait to read the whole book! Best of luck in the book release and all of your endeavors!
5 Suma Avinash
Location: Bangalore, India

Tuesday 03/08/2011 00:04:55 CST
Congratulations Raji,

Amazing work and i wish you a very great success.

I just read the excerpt from the book and looks very interesting and eagerly waiting to read more about your experiences. I shall definitely give a try on vipassana technique. I am sure if i am meeting you next time it would be a New You! :)

Wish you a Big Hit and grand success.


Suma & Avinash
4 Venkat Gade

Saturday 03/05/2011 07:07:23 CST
It is nice to hear about your spiritual journey and the latest accomplishement of your new book. Keep up the great work!

3 Tejaswini

Thursday 03/03/2011 13:27:33 CST
Congratulations Raji!

Its a huge achievement and I am so proud of you!
2 Srinidhi N G
Location: Bangalore

Thursday 03/03/2011 13:06:15 CST
I just read the excerpt of the book "Inner Pilgrimage". I tried to do it. But I couldn't..not for single you managed to do it for ten days....All the very best for the release...Very Interesting..I shall eagerly wait for that...Definitely it shall be a grand success....
1 Ashish Mirji

Thursday 03/03/2011 00:50:53 CST
Congratulations and best wishes. Now that the book is out....what next?


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